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HKC Operations isn't part of the crowd

Many business management consultants, working exclusively at the '30,000 foot level', implement a 'Top Down' strategy to push change down throughout an organization.

We don't do that.

HKC Operations' unique approach

At HKC Operations, we are innovative thinkers who subscribe to a bottom up philosophy with a unique ability to understand, engage and reassure stakeholders at all levels.  We believe in developing implementation strategies that leverage a series  of focused projects that produce the desired results in the minimum amount of time.

Policy - Process - Procedure

We work with the appropriate level executives to assess the goals, determine the needs, define the course of action, identify key factors and establish the metrics to measure ongoing improvements.
We work with the 'folks' who implement and execute on the policy everyday.  This direct interaction identifies challenges, obstacles, opportunities and best practices ensuring a design that maximizes results in minimum time.
After designing the processes that advance the policy, we formalize the steps that ensure consistent performance that guarantees replication of the desired result each and every time.

Benefits of our methodology

¨     Provides broad perspective

¨     Bubbles up pain points

¨     Anticipates potential issues before they arise

¨     Maximizes stakeholder buy in

¨     Recognizes potential pushback

¨     Minimizes Risk

¨     Maximizes ROI

¨     Eliminates gap between theory and practice

The 3 'Ps'