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HKC Operations develops procedure

Reality begins with Procedure

Many people confuse procedure and process.  Simply put, while both are a series of actions, Process is what is done to produce a particular result and Procedure is how the routine that replicates the result will be performed.


Doing the same thing the same way every time, will produce the same result.
So, when it’s the right result, that’s a great thing!


Consistency is the key

HKC Operations develops the particular series of steps to consistently produce the results of your designed processes.  The concept is to eliminate any need to ‘make decisions on the fly’ by developing procedures that allow for all contingencies.  We document these actions in a way that clearly defines:

¨    responsibilities;

¨    decision making;

¨    training;

¨    activities; and,

¨    reporting. 

The 3 'Ps'