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Case Study - Exit Strategy

A company that supplies fixtures and equipment to retail locations had a major customer that changed their format requiring the company to remove a significant number of pieces from the stores.  The company’s vision was to turn this to advantage by upgrading this customer's remaining stores, other customer's stores and divest itself of non-core and unprofitable business.


We devised a model and conducted an analysis to identify the company’s breakeven/profit points, and determine which customers did not fit the company’s future strategy and/or would not be profitable.  Post analysis, we designed processes to track, evaluate, transport, refurbish and redeploy the assets.  We devised a system to transition retired assets and non-core customer locations to other vendors using minimal company resources while mitigating risk of loss.  Additionally, we worked with the company to implement and execute the program resulting in an ROI for the entire program in less than 60 days and turning the negative into profits.