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Case Study - Expansion

A mid-size company, with a concentrated customer base, dominated their market west of the Rocky Mountains and had a vision of expanding to a national footprint.  The goal was one of aggressive growth while maintaining the company's established standards of excellence.

We worked with executive management on a strategy to capitalize upon relationships with existing national chain customers, with whom the company was doing regional business, to gain market share through the midwest, into the south and finally, the southeast.  The plan was to use this penetration to support the infrastructure necessary to expand each area organically to pressure the competition and leverage strategic acquisitions.

We designed a scalable infrastructure utilizing regional facilities, distribution and management.  Production and reporting processes, both centralized and decentralized, and a training program were incorporated.  Procedures were developed around key performance indicators and metrics to ensure consistent quality.  As new markets were developed and acquisitions made, we performed operational due diligence, evaluated personnel and facilities.  Additionally, we provided management support throughout the implementation and execution phases.

In less than four years, the company realized its vision of national presence and nearly tripled revenue.