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Case Study - Merger

A company had acquired three other large companies, two of which had been fierce competitors, and was continuing to operate as four discreet businesses with very different cultures, infrastructures and practices.  They envisioned adopting a shared services model and integrating the operations into a unified team with one vision, culture and mission.

We worked with executive management on the development of an integration team consisting of senior management and experts from the respective organizations.  Working with the team, identifying synergies, efficiencies, best practices and appropriate infrastructure, we designed a scalable model for operations to achieve the company's goals.  Then developed, implemented and helped execute a program that resulted in integrating the operations ahead of schedule and under budget while capturing over $7M annually in reduced overhead.

Post integration, we worked with executives and the senior Regional Operations management to develop programs that evaluated and maximized the lines of business, capital and personnel resources, and profit centers.  Additionally, we designed processes for logistical support, evaluation, and training to ensure continuous improvement.