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Remote Management Quality Assurance Program

HKC Operations Program

Our Remote Management Quality Assurance Program was originally designed for companies with field service operations; however, it provides an excellent foundation for any company with multiple sites or remote employees.  It is customized around the dynamics of the individual organization to maximize existing resources by enhancing or expanding existing processes are effective and replacing those that aren't.  The concept is to provide timely targeted information to management ensuring world class customer service while minimizing expenses.


Are you confident in your answers?

The four key questions any field organization needs to answer are:

  1. how often do I need to service each customer;
  2. are my representatives where they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there;
  3. are they doing what they are supposed to do while there; and,
  4. is my customer satisfied with the service provided?


Key components of the Program

The Remote Management Quality Assurance Program provides the tools necessary to run the operations on a day to day basis without excessive use of valuable resources.  It is both modular and scalable, allowing singular or multiple features within each segment of each component to be implemented as priorities/budget dictate.  This provides the flexibility to layer in additional features as benefits are realized.



¨     Office (compliance with internal policies/processes/procedures)

o      Security

§       Facility, alarm systems, information handling, etc.

o      Cash handling

§       Cash room procedures, cash storage and pickup, etc.

o      Administrative

§       Efficiencies, timely data entry, information flow, etc.

o      Inventory Reconciliation

§       Asset, product, etc.

¨     Field (compliance with procedures ensuring best in class customer service)

o      Route Optimization

§       Evaluate and establish required service levels

§       Analyze routes for maximum efficiency while maintaining required service levels

o      Service Response

§       Service call analysis for priority/response

o      Route Compliance

§       Time on Route Analysis

·       Validate timesheets

·       Service efficiencies

·       Travel time between stops

§       Route variance

·       Missed stops/equipment

·       Deviation from proscribed travel

o      Customer Service

§       Quality Assurance Evaluations for targeted segment using KPI

§       Site surveys (correct set, potential, host location satisfaction, etc.)

o      Training

§       Reinforcement/On going education

§       Knowledge Transfer documentation

The 3 'Ps'