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Case Study - Reorganization

A company, desiring to become a dominate force, seized the opportunity for growth during a period of industry roll-up.  Because of the rapid growth, much of it through acquisition, the company had a corporate office and six autonomous regional offices with overlapping geographic territories and areas of responsibility covering nineteen states and no cohesive culture, sense of direction, or defined mission.

Working with the board, executives, management and employees at every level of the organization to foster engagement and enrollment, we defined policies to build culture.  Then designed standardized processes and procedures clearly establishing goals, expectations, reporting structure, lines of communication, key performance indicators and metrics to provide accountability.  We implemented a program of centralized purchasing, logistics, and administrative support; realigned areas of responsibility; consolidated offices; and, restructured compensation, incentive, and training plans.

The reorganization resulted in doubled annual revenues and tripled EBITDA.